4 Ideas for a Luxury Backyard in Arizona

Ramadas in Arizona 29-05-17In spite of the scorching heat of Arizona, you can still embark on a cool summer bash in your backyard by transforming it. This write-up brings to you some super luxurious, Arizonian ideas to transform your backyard and make it summer-ready.

  1. Beat the heat with summing pools

By adding a swimming pool, you can amp up the tropical ambiance. To splurge on your dream backyard, it is suggested to bank on an expert landscape architecture firm that can carry out your project smoothly. Plan to place the pool off to one side as it will leave room for a patio sundeck, lawn for your pet and the extras.

  1. A Ramada TO ESCAPE Arizona’s sun

Ramadas in Arizona is not a new concept. With swimming pools being the first priority for investment, Arizonians also invest in creating shades to cool off when the temperature hits hard. Usually, a builder patio is very small and can barely accommodate a table. So, cling in to the newest fad by creating your own ramada beside the pool.

  1. A stone paved courtyard with outdoor fountains

A natural stone paved floor for your courtyard with lush plants gives a unique feel. To get a calming ambiance, install a beautiful outdoor fountain. How about an open kitchen area with barbeque grill area? Ever gave a thought on how to handle kitchen while arranging a summer party in your backyard? Well, an open air countertop with barbeque in Arizona is swaying the market these days. Why don’t you include that in the list?

  1. A landscape garden like an oasis of tranquility

Transforming desert into a tranquil garden is the age old rituals that Arizonians are following. But, what’s new is the array of features that architects are now infusing to make your garden look different from the rest. They infuse bamboo, rocks, flowering quinces, Japanese maple trees and small bridge that look no less than any Disney fairyland.

Hope these ideas help. Good luck with your garden renovation project!


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